YAQIN SD-CD3 6N8P Tube Signal Upgrade Hi-End Buffer Processor for CD Player

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  • Can be connected in various configurations
  • Makes speakers sound warmer and more finer
  • Installed between an audio source and a receiver (or an amplifer)
  • Utilizes audiophile capacitors and high quality metal precision resistors



1.The power transformers manufactured with silicon steel sheet and high-quality oxygen-free enamelled copper wire

2.Beautiful aluminum chassis and panel with logo window and steel heavy duty chassis.  

3.This processor employs cathode followers to improve your audio system. It outputs the same voltage as it receives. The voltage gain approaches 1. It also adds tube audio quality to digital audio, reduces work load of a receiver (or an amplifier), and makes speakers sound warmer and more finer. 

4.This processor can be connected in various configurations. It is to be installed between an audio source and a receiver (or an amplifer). The audio sources can be a solid state CD/DVD player, MP3 player, iPod, electric guitar, or computer audio output.

5.Dual power supply voltages are available on this unit, 115VAC for North America, 220VAC for Asia and Europe.



Tubes:6N8P × 2 (Cathode followers,it can be replaced with 6SN7)

Output Jacks: Two channels with two gold plated RCA jacks

Input Jacks: Two channels with two gold plated RCA jacks

Input Impedance: 100KΩ

Distortion of Harmonic Wave: ≤0.03%(1KHz input)

Signal to Noise Ratio: >75 dB

Frequency Response: 10Hz ~ 100KHz (-0.1dB)

Supply Voltage: AC115V 60Hz

Power Consumption: 15W

Dimension: 17cm(W) x 20cm(D) x12cm(H) (7” x 8” x 5”)

Shipping Dimension: 27cm x 23cm x 21cm

Net Weight: 2.5kg (5.5lb)

Gross Weight: 3.2kg (7lb)



A Yaqin SD-CD3 Processor with two tubes

A Power Cable

A Manual

Customer Questions & Answers


Is it possible to use EF95 Tubes with it? Thanks.

15.07.16 17:20 Asked.

Hi Leonardo ,YAQIN SD-CD3 can't use EF95 Tubes.Thank you.

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Hi, it is possible to use two sd-cd3 one for each channel to have two valves per channel?  Thanks

20.02.17 10:30 Asked.

Hi salvatore,do you mean one sd-cd3 connect one channel?Thank you.

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I live in Singapire and rewuires 240volts. Do u have this voltage. Keen to buy

07.06.17 14:09 Asked.

Hi Lim,Of course.We have 240v.Thank you.

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I had this yaquin about five years now. I noticing it makes scratching and static noise. Even popping noise. I checked the original tubes, they seem fine. Orange glow on both of them. I think its inside the buffer. If anyone knows the issue, please let me know.

19.09.17 18:36 Asked.

hI Brian,SD-CD3 with a little noise is static, but should not take too much noise in this will not affect the normal use of the customer.Thank you.

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